Driving Rules

Traffic Rules & Manners:

You must observe traffic regulations. Always be attentive to and consider pedestrians and other vehicles around you. While driving, remember that pedestrians have the right of way over cars. Observe traffic lights and road signs. Follow instructions from police officers. Senior citizens are involved in a number of traffic accidents every year. Please give extra consideration to elderly people while driving.

Rules for Cars:

Cars keep to the left. When turning right at an intersection, pay full attention to oncoming vehicles, as well as pedestrians and bicycles at the crossing after turning right. When turning left at an intersection, pay full attention to pedestrians and bicycles at the crossing after turning left, as well as to accidents caused by misjudging the distance between the curb-side tires and other objects. The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited. Take a rest if you are tired. Do not perform reckless overtaking or turning maneuvers. Keep a safe distance or drive slowly when passing pedestrians or bicycles.

Manners For Pedestrians:

Use the sidewalk whenever one is available. Keep to the right on roads without sidewalks. Use a pedestrian crossing whenever one is available. Be sure to observe pedestrian traffic lights. Before crossing at a pedestrian or railroad crossing, look both ways to check that it is safe. At night, wear a reflector or brightly colored clothes that are easily visible to drivers.

Rules And Manners For Riders:

Try to yield to pedestrians. Except for sidewalks with signs indicating that bicycles may be ridden, keep to the left margin of the road. Do not ride in tandem. It is also prohibited for more than two people to ride side by side. Always grip the handlebars firmly with both hands. It is dangerous to hold an umbrella or other objects while riding a bicycle. Dismount and observe pedestrian traffic lights at crossings. Do not ride in dangerous conditions such as snow-covered roads. Be sure to stop and look both ways at intersections. Be sure to keep bicycle lights on at night.