1. Is it compulsory to have a medical certificate for obtaining a learner's licence ?

  • An applicant for the grant of a non transport vehicle driving licence under the age of 50 years do not require a medical certificate. However, those applicants who are over 50 yrs. of age must produce a medical certificate in Form - 1A.
  • All applicants for the grant of driving licence to drive transport vehicle are required to produce a medical certificate.

2. Is there any age restrictions for obtaining learner's licence ?

  • The applicant shall have attaining the age of 16 years in case of motor cycle with engine capacity not exceeding 50 cc (motor cycle without gear).
  • The consent/declaration of the parents/guardian is necessary and shall be signed before the Licencing authority.
  • The applicant shall have completed the age of 18 years in case of motor cycle with gear or light motor vehicle
  • In case of transport vehicles one year driving experience of light motor vehicle.
  • Medical certificate in Form CMV 1 and 1A is necessary in case of transport vehicle.

3. What is the period of validity of Learner's licence ?

  • Learner's licence is valid for the period of 6 Months.

4. What is Preliminary test? Whether any exemption is provided ?

  • Written test will be conducted for the persons who have passed SSLC or equivalent examination or higher . This test will be of Multiple choice objective type.
  • In case of others, Oral test will be conducted.
  • These tests will be conducted by the Inspector of Motor Vehicles.
  • Applicants who are already having driving licence from any state government licensing authority or defence licensing authority or any abroad licensing authority.

5. What is the Subject in the Preliminary Test ?

  • Traffic signs, traffic signals and rules of the road regulations made under section 118 of Motor Vehicles Act.
  • Duties of driver when his vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in death or bodily injury of a person or damage to property of a third party.
  • Precautions to be taken while passing un-manned railway crossing and
  • The Documents he should carry with him while driving a vehicle.

6. What if FAILED in the preliminary test ?

  • Application along with documents will be returned to the failed applicant and he can reappear for test on the next day onwards.

7. Is it compulsory to obtain Driving Training from a Motor Driving School ?

  • No, in case of private or non-commercial vehicles, it is not compulsory.
  • However,in case of commercial vehicles, it is compulsory because the Motor Driving School has to issue Form No.5 for commercial driving licence.

8. What are the precautions to be taken by a learner licence ?

  • The following points need to be kept in mind by a Learner's licence holder :
  • The learner's licence holder should get training under the supervision of a Permanent driving licence holder.
  • The learner licence holder has to display symbol -L in a Red color that should be visible from a distance.
  • In case of commercial vehicle, the learner licensee has to under go training either from Government Motor Driving School or Motor Driving Schools authorized by the State Government.
  • In addition to practical training, the learner's license holder should also learn about the vehicles' mechanism, road symbols or signs etc.
  • If you are learning how to drive a two-wheeler, you cannot carry any other person on the pillion except your instructor.

* Courtesy: RTO Gujarat Official website