SHIV MOTOR DRIVING SCHOOL is best known for teaching & training learns drivers (Car driving school in Jamnagar). Unlike most other Driving Schools SHIV MOTOR DRIVING SCHOOL offer a complete package designed to help you through every aspect of the learning to drive process.

With dedicated and passionate professionals, no other organization delivers the same high quality instruction, equipment, facilities and memorable experiences…

Getting a driver’s license is easy but being a safe driver is very difficult. At Advance Driving School our most important objective is to train drivers who are safe and confident. Our unique way of teaching will help you learn to drive safely and with confidence in only 2 lessons.

We teach by explaining :

  • What you are doing wrong?
  • Why you are making certain mistakes?
  • What actions are needed to avoid repeating the mistakes in future?
  • At SHIV MOTOR DRIVING SCHOOL we have the proficiency and the tolerance that is necessary to prepare a novice / experienced driving student to become a safe and confident driver.
  • Our driving school is Government Approved, reg number
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